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Thursday, March 5, 2020

HIT! Medic and respawn rules at Swift Fox 20

Here at CWG we agonized for a long time about how to represent and handle casualties. We wanted to be accurate, without too terribly much burden on the individual participant.

What we ended up with was nothing much for the casualty to do, and a Combat Medic role, often filled by people who are combat medics, or EMTs, in their actual life.

The casualty just calls HIT, lays down, and indicates they are a casualty with a red rag. Lay there until 5 minutes have passed — everyone is required to have a watch — and it is safe and not disruptive to the fighting, to walk off to the aid station.

If a medic arrives before 5 minutes are up, they will open their aid bag and retrieve, first, a casualty card. These are randomized, and indicate where you were hit, and what the effect was. Some effects are reduced or removed if you were wearing armor.

Treatment is anything from a bandaid (you think you were killed, but the medic confirms "it's just a scratch") to bandages, slings, and splints that remove the ability to use various parts of your body.

Casualty Care in the GDL

For Swift Fox 20, we're changing this up in one important way. The GDL, as an insurgent force spends their limited training time and supply budget — especially with a lot of uneducated locals — on arms and other skills and systems directly related to the battle. So, no buddy care, no medics.

But, that's the only difference. When hit, you call hit, lay down (if safe), indicate you are hit with the red rag, and after 5 minutes (or longer if the battle is still raging on top of you), get up and walk to the Aid Station.

Aid Stations

Your recovery or respawn will take place at an Aid Station. This is sited to be as unlike to be attacked as we can, and may even be in a specifically out-of-bounds area.

Aid Stations are well marked, with a large red cross, and usually have signs along the road when you get anywhere nearby, to direct you to it.

They are not hidden because they are notionally Aid Stations. Large, manned facilities. That includes notional defending troops. Anyone attacking an aid station will stop immediately, as soon as they realize, or someone stomps out of the aid station to tell them, and then will declare themselves casualties as the defending troops are assumed to have killed them all.

GDL Aid Station

That said, there may or may not be a GDL Aid Station this year. The principles would all still apply, but since the campsite will be "over the border" in another country and cannot itself be attacked or anything, we may simply let you go back there, and spend your respawn time in the spendor of your tent.

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