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Thursday, September 15, 2016

Field Directions, Parking, Camping and More - Least Weasel 16


The field is... not really at an address. It is off Howell Loop Road in Ullman, Missouri. For mapping directions, you can enter 38°07'24.4"N 92°26'51.6"W (38.123438, -92.447660)

However, most automatic maps will take you some crazy route and you will get lost. Uses these instead: 
  • From the West, take exit 101 on I-70. Take Missouri Route 5 south to Eldon, then Missouri 52 to Tuscumbia
  • From the East, take exit 128A on I-70. Take US 63 south to Jefferson City. Get on US 54 across the Missouri River, until you get to Missouri Route 17. Continue south to Tuscumbia.
  • From Tuscumbia:
    • Take or continue on Missouri Route 17 southbound.
    • Turn right onto Missouri Highway C.
    • Turn left onto Howell Loop Road (County Road 14)
    • Signs will be visible from the roadway. Turn into the right driveway for your parking area. 
We've mapped out the directions for you from Exit 101 in Google Maps.

We'd like to keep the two sides separate as usual. We'll put up signs, so look for those as you get closer. 

Adrea will pull into the first driveway, near the pinpoint on the directions above. Turn sharply right, staying along the treeline, till well past the trailer. Park where indicated along the fence nearer the tents. 

Kitoy will pull into the second driveway, and turn left. Park near the driveway along the fence facing the road. Don't go too far into the field or you may become stuck. There is a small wooden footbridge to the west of this parking lot which leads to the main camping area and facilities. 

Please pull cars forward to the treeline/fenceline, and keep as neat a line as you can to allow other cars and equipment to pass by.

Equipment trailers can use any open areas near the parking to turn around as needed. A good place to park may be parallel with the road/treeline, further down, nearer the tents. We can help guide you when you arrive, so if we don't come out, ask around for where we are. 

If you don't want to drive overnight, we've arranged for camping as usual. You can sleep in your vehicle, or drop a tent in the parking area. We'll try to designate a save place to camp and either tell you a few days before, or mark it so you can look for that when you arrive.  

There will be at least one large (MGPTS) tent set up in a central location, if you don't want to bring your own tent, or the weather is too much to bother with. These are not segregated, so you may see the enemy. We may not be able to provide privacy of any sort, so plan accordingly or complain privately and we'll make any other arrangements you may need. 

This area can be wet, so it may be a good idea to bring a cot or separate sleeping mat if you choose to sleep overnight on Thursday. 

There is a permanent shower and bathroom facility nearby. It's got hard walls and a roof, but also plenty of ventilation, so may be cold, and beware of wasp nests and so on. We will try to have hot water on, but may not. Plan accordingly. 

Assembly Areas
Friday morning, Ardea will assemble near the tents. The point will be labeled, or you will just listen to your leadership and follow them there. 

Kitoy will assemble near the footbridge at the west end of the parking lot. Please keep this area clear. 

Anyone arriving Friday morning should park as indicted above, and carry your equipment the short distance to the assembly area. 

If there is weather, check in may be moved to a tent or building. You will be notified of this at the time if it happens.  

Off Limits
There are other structures, equipment, shelters, vehicles and more in this area. Do not use any of them unless expressly told to. 

There are guylines for tents, antennas and may be other hazards. Be careful when walking around the camping area, especially in the dark. 

Do not go into the field further than the immediate surroundings of the camping area. 

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