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Thursday, December 29, 2016

Coming to Operation INCA DOVE? Are you sure?

Operation Inca Dove is just a bit over two weeks out now. We've been expecting a heavy turnout due to the many comments for months on attendance, travel, planning, equipment for the snow and cold, weapons questions, and much more chatter. So much so that we thought carefully about the maximum number we could support well, and made plans to assure we can transport and house you all in the worst possible conditions, so set a maximum attendance.  

However, at this time there are not nearly enough signups to hold the event. We're instead well below our minimum required number. That means that unless many more of you sign up in the next few days: 


Since we must soon start purchasing supplies, typing and printing, and packing for the trip, we are very likely to officially announce cancellation of the event in the first week of January. 

There is no specific cutoff time now, but it is days away. We do not accept walk ons just showing up, so if you are planning to attend, you must sign up—and get all your friends to sign up—immediately. To sign up, go to: 


If you have done your part, no worries. In the event of cancellation, all those who signed up will receive an immediate 100% refund through PayPal. 

The April airsoft event in Oklahoma is still scheduled. Operation King Rail 17 will take place 7 - 9 April 2017 at D-Day Adventure Park, as long as we get enough attendees for that as well. We will begin accepting registration for that event in the next few months, but the date is solid so you can put it on your calendars now. 

Questions about upcoming schedules and events? You can always check our event calendar for future plans and dates. 

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