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Monday, June 6, 2016

Changes: What You Carry, and How

Before Swift Fox 16 a lot of you asked if you'd really have to carry everything in your ruck. And we answered "yes and no." Operationally, it worked out exactly as we expected. You guys dumped your rucks for patrolling or fighting, and went back to get them for overnight camping, sometimes sending a couple guys to relay them up, or using vehicles.

This is how light infantry works. We're not long-range reconnaissance, but light infantry. We can carry all our gear, but of course try not to.

A team moving their rucks from their overnight patrol base to a cache point before they go on patrolling operations.

We also noticed that we made you carry some stuff that you didn't all need. A tiny bit we've made not required, but most of it was unused because the weather was pretty nice. And in fact when the weather got cold at night, there was some clambering to get back to the packs and get warmth layers.

Anyway, we've codified all this a bit further by... adding a piece of equipment. You also have to bring an Individual Ready Bag. This is anything reasonably sturdy and in subdued colors, but make sure it's waterproof or has a waterproof bag inside. It will be stacked up at the Company/Troop supply depot, and if you need anything they'll look for your name and bring it forward to you.

Packs, weapons and other supplies are right next to the pallet of ammo in the rear area.

The bags can then be left behind when you abandon a Patrol Base, and picked up, and so on as the need arises.

You are only required by the rules to put your spare uniform in there, but your Team Leader may allow (or require) you to leave more stuff. This could be anything, from your cold weather gear to your sleeping bag. So, plan your bag accordingly, and bring something big enough to support your expected load. An A-bag or a spare small rucksack or large assault pack would do. It will get tossed around a bit so no boxes or hard cases, please.

This doesn't look like much, and it shouldn't. The patrol has tarped their cache point to keep it from being too visible, or getting wet if it is rained on.

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