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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Changes: Casualties

As a result of your feedback, and the actual performance of individuals at Swift Fox 16 we have updated, clarified or in a few cases changed rules. These are not all in place, but as we finish them we'll review each important change in turn here. 

Ardean medics were not very effective because they died a lot, going to help casualties where they fell. Kitoy medics did much better, because they worked to have casualties brought to them. We've added explicit information about moving casualties now in order to encourage this behavior. Partly, we discuss proper ways to move casualties so players do not actually get injured, but we have also add a tiny bit of buddy care. While being moved or otherwise closely paid attention to by another player, your 5 minute timer is paused so there's a chance to get you back to the medic.

The medic is probably at a Casualty Collection Point, which we're now allowing to be the name for an actual tactical location the medic sets up near the battle.

The old CCP is now called an Aid Station. The Company (Kitoy) or Troop (Ardea) Aid Station is also notionally a staffed mini hospital, with doctors, nurses and guards. Therefore, it cannot be attacked or raided in any way. We'll also be sure to more carefully use universal red cross markings on them, as we all abide by the laws of land warfare so wouldn't attack a marked medical facility.

You cannot hide munitions in the Aid Station, so there are better specifications for how close people and equipment has to be to be getting recovered, and how far away bases and ammo dumps have to be.

We've also added some other details about borrowing equipment, and clarified the way some rules were written.

Read the Hit, Medic and Respawn rules for more details.

Questions, comments? Ask them here and we'll answer them or clean up the rules further as needed.

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