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Monday, August 22, 2016

Rental Night Vision

You've heard us talk about how CWG field exercises should challenge you, and how we expect you all to be able to live and fight 24 hours a day.

Well we don't just demand that, but are trying to help empower you to do it. After some issues with suppliers, we've managed to line up rental night vision, and one somewhat cheap IR laser aimer. You can see what we have and lay down the money to rent it here:

We'll add more details in the coming day as we get it (though I'll have to wait till I get home to get photos of the laser), but feel free to ask any questions.

This is a great deal because we've managed to get the rental NODs cheaper than usual, and also because support will be on site. It's not a deal where we get them mailed in, and hope it's all good. Instead, you will be handed the NOD, any mounting you need, and a helmet if you don't have one, right there from the big, waterproof box. If problems come up, you'll get help right away.

Even better, we'll provide you free training. If you show up on Thursday evening we will:

  • Issue out the NODs to you then
  • Briefly lecture on how they work, what they do and do not do, and how to keep them safe
  • Help you get them set up with your helmet, head and eyes
  • And do a bit of training in the dark woods so you can get used to it

It won't take too long, so you'll still get a chance to sleep before the exercise. We'll work out the exact times as a group once we see who is renting and when you expect to be arriving.

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