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Monday, August 8, 2016

Kitoy Armed Forces Adopt Crye® Multicam™

Today the Secretary of State for Defense, the Chief of Staff of the Kitoy Armed Forces and a cadre of other military and civilian officials announced the next phase in the KAF Modernization Plan. After extensive testing by the Kitoy National Testing Authority, the KAF will be transitioning from the OD Green utility uniform clothing for all troops to Crye® MultiCam™.
As you can see, this portion of the program is apparently only for the uniform, as the KAF handouts demonstrating the look have OD Green insignia, brassards, web gear and helmet covers. Since the KAFMP has bought new tactical vests and other gear in OD green recently, we suspect these components will not be transitioning to a new pattern any time soon.

An update to the CAFR with complete details is promised to be forthcoming, but a summary notice or rules was released at the announcement.

KAFMP Phase 6A - Individual Camouflage Pattern

  1. Starting 1 October 2016, Crye® MultiCam™will be issued and is authorized for wear in place of the OD Green battle dress uniform. 
  2. OD Green uniforms may be retained and worn by individuals until the wear out date 31 October 2018. 
  3. During the transition period, members of the KAF may wear either uniform at their discretion. 
  4. Uniform components may not be mixed. E.g. OD pants may not be worn with MultiCam blouses. Soft hats must also match, but helmet covers may be of any authorized pattern regardless of the uniform worn. 
  5. Unit and base commanders have no authority to require individuals within their purview to wear either of the two authorized uniforms during the transition period. Units will necessarily not present a uniform appearance during the transition period. 
  6. During operations where armor, tactical vests or other items cover a large portion of the torso, the Combat Shirt is authorized for use in place of the uniform blouse. 
  7. There is no wear out date for outerwear at this time. OD green cold and wet weather gear is permitted regardless of uniform color and pattern being worn. 
  8. Individuals may purchase uniforms or uniform components that meet KAFMP requirements. US-issue OEFCP, OCP, and Scorpion W2, UK-issue MTP, Polish-issue Suez, and others with the same basic pattern and color scheme are permitted. Crye MultiCam Tropic, Arid, Alpine and Black variants are expressly not permitted. 
  9. Uniforms for personnel in specialist roles or tasks are unchanged and will be updated as needed, required, and technically possible at a future date. 
  10. This message has been authorized by the CoS, KAF. 
  11. The DCoS, KAF is the proponent of wear and appearance of uniforms by KAF personnel and will incorporate the guidance in this message into the Code of Armed Forced Regulations by 1 September 2016. 
  12. This guidance message expires 31 October 2018. 


  1. In regards to #6: this is allowing Multicam combat shirts only or if a unit was still wearing OD, would OD combat shirts be permitted?

  2. There's no specified color/pattern so that appears to be allowed also.


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