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Monday, August 1, 2016

Recommendations to the Kitoy Chief of Staff

Last week, the Kitoy Conclave of Generals concluded their annual meeting, and as usual provided a series of recommendations to the Chief of Staff in front of the press and other interested observers at a public session in Cyaiga on Friday.

Among the most expensive recommendations presented to the CoS are:
  • Increased availability of on-base healthcare for dependents and their families
  • Funding article 21 of the NAFA, mandating day care for all dependent children
  • Cease acquisition of the YPR-765 after 31 vehicles are acquired (expected in early 2017), and urgently explore options for vehicles capable of self-deploying across Kitoy, in all seasons
  • Reluctantly continue upgrading transport vehicles with the request that a single type of drivetrain and single fuel type be acquired fleet-wide whenever possible
  • Fully funding the block 6B acquisition of night fighting equipment, to include 3 aircraft thermal stabilized cameras, 11 armored vehicle mounted thermal imagers, 57 night vision weapon sights and 121 individual night vision pocketscopes with Steiner laser dots
  • Come to a decision on KAFMP uniform and equipment, and begin acquisition by 3Q16
A copy of a KMoD presentation was attached to the recommendations that outlined the KAFMP (Kitoy Armed Forces Modernization Plan) camouflage downselection.

The Conclave specifically indicated that upgrades to individual equipment have been promised for four years now, and that it is impeding the ability to use other new and expensive equipment such as rifles and sensors. 

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