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Saturday, December 12, 2015

Transporting and Storing Grenades

In Airsoft, we tend to not be very rigorous in how we package and transport ammunition and other munitions. Mostly because we so rarely play long games, don't have to carry many, they don't weigh a lot, and screwing it up doesn't kill you or require paperwork.

I talked a little about how this will change for BBs the other week, but grenade transport is something else that has vexed me.

Now, CWG rules are pretty easy in this regard. A pea grenade is itself a unit of issue, and is expendable so no problems. For 40 mm, you have to make sure you don't carry stuff to recharge them (more projectiles and gas) but otherwise they are also fine.

What has bugged me is that they are semi-fragile things I cannot put anywhere to keep them safe and effective. Pull rings for smoke and grenades are very un-trustworthy, and taping is only so effective. They are paper and glue, so are easy to damage so they do not work. It's easy to accidentally hit the valve on the 40 mm and it leaks out in the pack.

And many things are the wrong size. Pea grenades are a bit too big to fit in most grenade pouches, and don't fit into the (hard to find now) USGI cardboard storage tubes.

But I just found these two things you may like, and they are both cheap. We aren't selling them. This is just stuff at Numrich, the big gun parts supplier.

Mecar M72 Frag Grenade Storage Case

This is for storing 8 of the Belgian M72 grenades. The site lies, so if you want, they do have very nice training M72s. I got one. Anyway, they slot neatly into removable holders. Removable. Take them out and 4 pea grenades fit. Pretty well.
Bonus: It's a grenade box. No re-label needed, so you can leave it in your patrol base, and send someone back to "get the box of grenades."

The only downside is the lid doesn't stay on. I guess it was a disposable box, and had a tape seal or something. The lid fits pretty well, so should protect them if you just have some 100mph tape tabs, or something. For the price, I don't complain.

G.I. 40MM Grenadier's Bandoleer

There are many 40 mm grenade carriers, but some are for short grenades so don't work well for TAG grenades, and most assume you have a lot of grenades. I don't want a grenadier's vest as I have two whole shells. Hey, they are expensive. Well, this solves that.

Dirt cheap, two shell bandolier, and longer than needed so easy to get the grenades out, room for even larger ones if you have such a thing. Note this is NOT Nylon. Do not try to burn off the frays as it will just burn. And, keep on burning till you put it out. Ask me how I know.

These sorts of things are considered disposable, which is why it just frays, so live with it, get several or break out the sewing machine.

We'll be covering more tricks like these as we find them, and overall reviews of packs and how to load them, in the coming months. Share your favorite pouches, boxes, etc. with everyone here also.

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  1. Apparently, the bandoliers are indeed some US Army issue item I'd never seen and are just now being surplussed in bulk. Seeing the same thing (colors vary widely!) in surplus stores, mostly going for $5 each. Grab one locally, or decide that's way too much and order online, cheaper.


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