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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Change of Dates for Swift Fox 16

In 2016, Easter falls unusually early, in late March instead of April. We're not the only ones who were surprised by this and scheduled poorly. It turns out the field where we're playing in Oklahoma was reserved (long ago and by a recurring event) for Easter weekend also (thinking it was in April), so we can't have the dates.

So, we have to move Operation Swift Fox 16 to the next weekend. The dates are now Friday 1 April through Sunday 3 April. Start times, locations, and everything else about the event is unchanged.

We hope this actually makes your plans simpler, and and that you can now bring some other friends and team-mates who couldn't do the Easter weekend.

However, we are aware some of you might have conflicts on the new date, or you have to plan your work schedule far enough ahead this causes issues. If you do have problems, please tell us about it, and we'll do whatever we can to fix this for you.

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