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Friday, December 4, 2015

FN-FAL Rifles

The FN FAL rifle is known as the right arm of the free world.

At one time the FN FAL in all its variations were the main rifle used in Western armies. In time it was replaced in most of the first world by M16s, M4s, and other rifles in 5.56 mm.

However, the big Belgian 7.62 remained in service throughout the world for a long time, and is still used by some units, in some countries today.

For Central War Gaming events, the Ardean Armed Forces are one of those still using the FN FAL variants, as well as other 7.62 x51 NATO rifles.

As such, this will provide some information on the FAL variants that are available as airsoft replicas, which ones are acceptable for use at Central Wa r Gaming events, and how to convert some guns to be acceptable, or just to be more accurate replicas of real guns.

King Arms

King Arms produced an entire line of FN FAL variants. While they have discontinued production, these are still available both in the secondary market as well as at a few retailers who still have old stock of them.

King Arms produced a full stock and full length barrel variant based on the German G1 rifle. This is acceptable for CWG events, but it is not ideal since the G1 only saw service with West German forces and then Turkey. However it makes a good platform for some simple modifications to make it look like a much more common FN FAL.

Simply cut down the barrel a tiny bit, and screw on the more common FN FAL flash hider. Then replace the steel (or simulated steel) hand guards with the more common plastic FN FAL ones King Arms uses on their other variants. Real-steel plastic handguards are also cheap and common, and fit perfectly.

King Arms also made a folding stock variant. They used the same G1-style barrel and flash hider, but the correct handguards. So for these you just need to do the barrel modification, and replace the flash hider.

Again, if you do not want to do the modifications, they are acceptable at CWG games in stock form as well.

Another common FAL was the 'Para' or paratrooper variant, which has a shorter barrel and sturdy, comfortable folding stock. This barrel is called a "mid-length" by King Arms. It is a shorter barrel than the full length, by just a few inches but that's exactly what is should be in stock form. There's no need to mod this at all. Again, you can put real steel handguards on if you want to change it up though.

Finally in the King Arms line is the full-stock, "mid-length" barrel. While this variant was not really made by FN, or issued to any army the rifle is modular, so it could easily exist if any army chose to, for example as they ran out of parts and made do. It is produced now for the civilian market by DSA for instance and has been done from parts kits by others before. This variant is acceptable for CWG events.

None of the shorter barrel versions are acceptable for CWG events. Rail forearms are also not allowed. However, if you find a RAS mid-length then just like on a real gun you can swap the rails for normal handguards and have an acceptable variant very easily and cheaply.

Classic Army and Clones

There are other Airsoft FAL options as well. Classic Army made some models based on the DSA produced FALs and they have since been copied by Chinese companies.

There is a full-stock, mid-length barrel versions that is acceptable at CWG events. Generally these do not come with the nice metal flash hider shown in their catalog and promo pictures, but instead with an orange plastic one. Sometimes, it even is an M16 flash hider. However you can either buy the proper flash hider separately, or you can get the FNC flash hider. It also makes for a pretty passable looking muzzle device.

Ardean forces use a number of 7.62 battle rifles rifles, including very modern ones such as the HK417 and Mk17 SCAR-H. But the FAL is still a very viable rifle, and there are still a number of very good options

We may also offer a few FAL rifles for sale as well soon, so ask or check periodically if you are interested in purchasing one.

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