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Monday, May 16, 2016

Changes: Machine Gunners

We've made some changes to encourage use of machine guns at CWG events. Hopefully you'll all bring your MG now that you've seen how useful they can be, and with these changes to make it easier on you.

  1. The machine gun can now be your primary weapon. No need to carry a rifle anymore. 
  2. Likewise no need to have a rifleman's LBE. Machine gunners can set up their load bearing gear to carry MG ammo, not rifle magazines...
  3. Which is the last clarification. Machine gunners can carry ready to load ammo on their body. It works just like all other spare ammo or munitions; it just has to be the right size and appear to be machine gun ammo. 
Just get some SAW pouches on your LBE, and block them up with cardboard or foam so they are as bulky as if you have them loaded with 200 rounds of link. You can then carry as many pellets in loaders, baggies or whatever, as you have onboard the gun when full. 

You can also do things like get the cheap and readily available SAW boxes, and put the same amount of ammo in those. Real feed boxes and bags have snaps, zippers or removable endcaps making it easy to get inside, but keeping the contents pretty safe. Toss your pellet bags in there, then you can fit in in the SAW pouch, leave it at your patrol base, or just let it be carried around by anyone on the team as spare ammo.

Remember there can be up to a machine gun per fire team so there's lots of opportunity to field these. 

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