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Monday, May 9, 2016

Changes: Explosives

As a result of your feedback, and the actual performance of individuals at Swift Fox 16, we have updated, clarified or in a few cases changed rules. These are not all in place, but as we finish them we'll review each important change in turn here. 

There were some conflicts, un-helpful details and unclear rules about grenades, mines and other explosives before.

We've now cleaned them up, and the basic rules for heavy munitions and explosives are pretty simple:
  • If it goes boom or bang, it will cause casualties to anyone within 5 feet. 
  • If it also expels BBs, it is better at causing casualties as it also expels BBs which go further. 
  • If it doesn't go boom or bang, it cannot kill people. The inert TAG, Nerf or other rounds required to attack vehicles have no effect on people. If you shoot one into a crowd of enemy, no one pretends it explodes, and nothing happens. 
There are a few edge cases; if you actually manage to get hit with an inert round, you are still hit and become a casualty. But that does not give you permission to try to shoot at people with rockets.

Land mines have also been clarified. Not in rules, but in the equipment requirements. This all takes place in the modern world, and neither of them are pariah countries or over-run by terrorists. So we abide by international law and are signatories to compacts such as the Ottawa Convention on the Prohibition of the Use, Stockpiling, Production and Transfer of Anti-Personnel Mines and on their Destruction.

Anti-personnel land mines are therefore generally not allowed. However, anti-vehicle and other types of self-initiating mines are permitted. There is still some use of anti-personnel mines, due to the consideration that they can be employed defensively within your own country. Check with your chain of command before using any mines to assure they are allowed, and safe to use.

Command detonated explosives such as Claymores are not considered land mines, so are always permitted.

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