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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

AAR for Aredeans at Swift Fox 16

This is the After Action Review for 2nd Troop, 5th Squadron 23rd Frontier Dragoons (Plamanec Brigade) on the actions of 1-3 April 2016 in Special Administrative Region 1, near Maros, Narseh.

Since this is a virtual AAR, the Troop Command Staff will start with the following. Read on for how you can contribute.

Plan: Perform movement into AO shortly after 0600 Friday 1 April 2016. Establish HQ and OP on ridge west of road 19. Conduct operations in the AO to identify Kitoy outposts, troops concentrations, supply depots and MSRs. Using this intelligence, develop plans to destroy or displace Kitoy forces by phase lines. NLT 1200 on 3 April, no enemy forces are to be present west of 15S UA 510 Easting.

Performance: Movement to AO was delayed approximately 2 hours so occurred in full daylight, though movement and setup was not in the end compromized. HQ was established as expected and reconnaissance patrols sent out by 1000 1 April.
OP was not entirely effective due to heavier than expected tree cover (even thermals were of only limited value), and radio issues.
Patrols, ambushes, and movements to contact conducted for remainder of operational window.
Enemy was not sited as briefed, so some time was wasted scouting areas with little or no enemy activity. Plan advanced to next step and a more forward posture was adopted. This resulted in repeated enemy contact, but limited manpower and transport reduced the ability to exploit gains in many actions.
Inconsistent security practices, poor communications due especially to hills, and lack of contingency plans resulted in some needless losses, displacement of forces and loss of time.
By 1200 Sunday 3 April, Kitoy forces were severely weakened but still had presence west of 15S UA 510 Easting with enemy reinforcements in the vicinity.

  • At least one light utility vehicle is a must for resupply and to assist units moving sustainment gear over larger distances or rough terrain. The M35 was used on initial deployment, and to pick up troops and equipment at end of game, but was far too loud, large and slow in such terrain for other purposes.  
  • Ribbon antennas for the PRC-68/126/128 radios instead of the short "rubber duck" both for ruggedness and to increase transmit/receive range.
  • Make plan to establish forward caches of water and ammunition as ground is gained, to help sustain the fight without long-distance supply runs. 
  • Better contingency plans for when unexpected contact is made, routes are cut off, or comms are down. 
  • Coordinate initial tactical movement better with event administration check in process to avoid tactical delays and risks. 

  • Use of the Commonwealth model of organization and tactics.
  • Broad issue of radios to teams, assisting with coordination and changes in plans. 
  • Use of heavier HQ staff as a filler, reserve and strike force.
  • Ability of HQ to both have a base camp to coordinate, and to move for command or support from the field. 

Please add your comments on Performance as you saw it on the ground. Post to the comments section here.

We want to hear from everyone! Add your Improve and Sustain items in the comments as well. Everyone can contribute, with anything as long as it's about the tactical and operational performance of the unit in the field.

Game related issues should go in the event feedback thread. Kitoy will get their own just like this, soon.


  1. We were briefed NLT 1400 and kicked the hell out of everyone we found NLT 1310.

  2. We were briefed NLT 1400 and kicked the hell out of everyone we found NLT 1310.


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