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Monday, April 4, 2016

Event Feedback for Swift Fox 16

This is the first of several after action review format threads we'd like you to contribute to. All non-structured feedback and war stories we encourage you to place on the Central War Gaming Facebook page. We will of course read all of those as well to get a more complete picture of the event and what you all liked or disliked. This will help us prioritize what to fix or adjust and what you liked we need to keep doing.

There will also soon be tactical AARs for each side, covering how well you performed your mission. But to us running the game, our first mission was running a good game.

Plan: Conduct a  MilSim event Starting 0600 Friday 1 April and running until 1400 Sunday 3 April, 2016. Provide the storyline and logistics to allow attendees to conduct operations and get a feel of immersion into the fictional world.
Structure the mission objectives of each side such that the attendees need to conduct operations to build the intelligence picture and then exploit that information.
Target a good balance of fieldcraft with airsoft trigger time. Plan the logistics to allow minimal setup and tear down time.

Performance: Actual start time was nearly 2 hours late. Attendees then conducted operations until 1400 Sunday, though there was some miscommunication where some attendees/staff understood that it was to end at 1200. While individual percentages may differ overall each attendee did a balanced amount of field craft to airsoft trigger time.

  • Streamline Check-In even more.
  • Possibly delay planned game start to allow check in to be done in daylight. This may have to vary by season. 
  • Ensure both sides have at least one light utility vehicle to perform logistic resupply as well as move rucks over longer distances/rough terrain.
  • Ensure Endex is understood by all attendees (and staff) prior to event start

  • Keep the 'world model' and expand on the details
  • Keep the logistics level where it is as the set up and tear down are within the acceptable window

What we need from the attendees:
Now we want you to add more. We need your feedback as attendees of Swift Fox 16, both good and bad. We need them in a format that is clear, consistent and actionable.

  • Improves for areas where something needs to be fixed or adjusted.
  • Sustains to identify what is working as it should right now. So we do not change them.

Please post these in the comments as separate lists, much like our initial post. Even if somebody has already submitted something, if you feel the same submit it as well.


  1. Lopez,
    Kitoy, 1st squad leader

    Plan: Attend Central War Gaming’s first event. Play along with all preliminary communications and do all that was asked of me. Attend the game and play my part.

    Performance: Arrived with some time to sleep on site, geared up and stepped off a little late, but event went well. Pace of operations was moderate enough to give us some down time to rest and eat. There was plenty of trigger time every day, and missions represented our overall company mission. My endex was a little early, but I was ‘killed’ at a bad time that left me with only a little time between respawn and Endex


    Pre-event communications: This was the most I talked with a command staff and subordinates before a game. All squad member’s emails were given to me in a timely manner (December I think, for a late march game). I had plenty of time to talk with my 2ic, and platoon leader; coordinate gear with my squad; and I could answer questions before they were sent to CWG directly

    Gear List: The ‘bare bones’ gear list is near perfect, I used everything that was required (minus the water tablets, which is a good thing)
    Medic Rules: I had two interactions with the medic after being hit. One he pulled the “dead” card, fatal chest wound. The other wound was a “serious leg injury” and I was splinted. Very fun, and it worked well

    Uniform Choice: Distinguishing friend and foe took a second look, but was never confusing. Study your target for a second to see either solid O.D. or the distinct pattern of Woodland-like camouflage. So both sides have adequate uniforms that camouflage ourselves in these woods
    Unit Dispersions: Is that the word I was looking for? Kitoy is based on a 9 man squad, Ardean is a 13 man squad. I like that these two nations actually organize differently, and fight differently.


    CCP: The roofless, heatless CCP could possibly become a problem for a squad that is knocked out in the middle of the night, or right before a storm rolls through. Living in a ‘what if’ world, I was asking myself “what if I was killed at 0100, and my sleeping pad and bag are clear on the other side of the AO, and it is starting to rain” I am now stuck at the CCP shivering in minimal snivel gear. One suggestion is to coordinate through the squads to get a few small shelters/pup tents set up with extra sleeping pads, or even a few cots and blankets. This gear could be brought by attendees, trucked to the CCP as PLT level gear.

    Weight in the Ammo Cans: I shouldn’t say this as one of the soldiers. But a few pounds of weight in the ammo cans would improve the realism. Otherwise I like the resupply nature of the game and the ammo cans

    CCP was raided by enemy: I am not sure I like the fact that we walked up to find a dozen “destroyed” notes around the CCP. Half of the stuff was ‘safety’ gear (water) and the ammo respawned in the same spots 2 hours after we found out what happened and noted it. I figured the CCP represented a space guarded by several squads with doctors working in it. Could the CCP be in an area out of play?

    Suggestion as you grow: Fieldcraft weekends to help interested attendees practice some fieldcraft and test gear before an event

  2. Pleasantly Surprised at how smooth this event actually ran. Awesome job by all admins and players. Absolutely worth it for me.
    At age 52, the physical load was all I needed, but not too high for a quick recovery.
    I passed most of my ideas to Curfman for admin consideration at future events.
    I agree with Lopez on Sustains:

    CCP: Covered (There was 4 shelter halves and 2 sleeping pads in the trailer.)
    (Ammo can weights of 2 water bottles were discussed with admin - Does fit into LACE request)
    (CCP raided items were time stamped, Admin call was: Live players cannot use until a player re-spawns. Technically a new body from company that rode in on a supply truck. Dead body's could use dead supplies.
    Live players split rations among each other. I received a half canteen of water and gave up 2 loaded mags.) Someone was supposed to tell you when they went back!

    Improvements suggestion: Wounded stay in place until; 1: Medic attended (Either side) 2: tapped out by opposition by command or following a search. 3. Once local engagement is finished + 5 min.

    Improvisations to be commended: Paper notes on destroyed equipment - Well played! 5 players knew our CCP/CP location was compromised and none brought that back into the game on re-spawn. -- Well played!


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