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Tuesday, February 25, 2020

What CWG Brings and Provides for Swift Fox

We talk a lot about how you should prepare for CWG events like operation Swift Fox coming up in April, but now let's remind you what we provide as well, so you don't over-pack, and don't worry about stuff too much.


We provide all the airsoft pellets for you, to assure that you use darker pellets and have to aim, and otherwise as part of the logistics and operational planning nature of the event. No need to bring any for rifles or machine guns. Ask us if brining other types of weapons. They even come in cans marked for your country of origin!


We will have potable water in 5 gallon jugs, and some smaller, easier-to-dispense containers, funnels and so on, at the Aid Stations, supply points and — if static — likely your campsite. Do fill your bladders and bottles before you go, but no need to carry spare or be stingy and get dehydrated, we can provide water.


Actual military radios will be issued for the Ardean and Kitoy sides. You can bring your own headsets if you want, and they have a 5/6 pin military connector, but no junky consumer radios that will break under rain and gunfire.


Every maneuver element, usually a fire team, will get a proper, accurate, and authentic-looking topo map of the region for planning, and navigation. Paper isn't too waterproof, so if you will be a team leader, bring a map case.


We'll have to do a count, but I think we still have a case of spare pea grenades and will give out one to each player until we run out. When you see the enemy, use them! And, that's our gift to you; unless flying back or you otherwise can't have them, no need to turn in, this is yours.


We may also issue out some orange maritime signal smokes and fireworks (needs a lighter) smokes you can use to obscure the battlefield when attacking, or defending. Don't have a full count, but should have some.

Vehicle Kill Smoke

When your vehicle it hit, and the card says it is dead, you light a smoke grenade so everyone knows. We give you these, black and white depending on damage.


Partly because the region is often under fire hazard so we cannot use pyrotechnic flares, we have a large inventory of Cyalume lightsticks. For mission specific purposes we may provide IR or visible (in multiple colors) 8-12 hour sticks, but will provide everyone one or two of the Ultra Bright 5 and 30 minute sticks, to provide safe battlefield illumination. Carry them with you and use liberally. NOTE that opening a lightstick wrapper makes it go bad within months, so keep them sealed until you need it, then you can take it home and use it later if you don't.

More Lightsticks

We also will issue out some mini lightsticks of various sizes you can use for marking trails, and campsites, to avoid getting lost or tripping over tent cords. They are super useful, and some of our minis are expired (so you need a handful to break to find a good one) so feel free to bring your own as well.

Medic Supplies

The medic supplies used to treat wounds per the rules are provided so no worries about using up too many splints or slings. Also, the medic books, to say what injury happened from a hit.

Real Medic Supplies

We also will have some kit bags to handle most any real world injury, and where that's located will be part of your safety brief. Several attendees are real world medical personnel and they will also be identified, and take charge if there's a need. No CWG event has had an injury demanding evacuation yet though!


Other paper products are provided including printed orders, and often intelligence briefings or other documents.


If you bring a vehicle, you'll be coordinating with us a lot, and one way is to make sure no one has to run back to town to refuel because they spent too much time bopping around the field. We can provide spare fuel, and make sure it's all stored so no one confuses diesel with gas!

If killed, the aid stations have shelter, water as we mentioned, and sleeping bags and pads. You can rest and recover from your death even if it is cold and wet.

We'll provide directions to the field, maps, suggested hotels and so on, and even plant signs on the side of the road to help you find it!

And more fun stuff! We will bring our own personal machine guns, grenade launchers, night vision and thermal, and more to enhance the overall experience and give you a chance to see and use some of this equipment.

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