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Thursday, March 14, 2019

Vehicles at CWG Events

We usually provide a few vehicles for CWG events, and encourage participants to bring their own as well. But, only if appropriate, safe, and used correctly. 

Vehicles are supplied or permitted at CWG events based on the mission and terrain. Sometimes the mission for that event does not require vehicles or the location and terrain make vehicles mostly useless. At Swift Fox 19, for example, the Ardeans are performing a very low profile long range patrol; vehicles would not fit this mission at all. 

Unlike our uniforms, weapons, or many other pieces of equipment, there are many options for vehicle types, makes, and models. CWG core events always use two fictional third world armies. In the real world, countries with this degree of funding do not buy large quantities of modern vehicles, and do not replace them regularly. 

Therefore, almost any military vehicle, and many civilian vehicles, may be encountered. As long as the vehicle is serviceable, complete, safe, and fits the mission profile. Age doesn't even matter, as there are real-world armies using World War II vintage vehicles today. 

Civilian or commercial vehicles may also be used, but must again fit the mission profile. Usually, only 4x4—off-road capable—utility vehicles, trucks, or pickup trucks are usable. 

Vehicles Are What They Are

Vehicles will not be simulated or modified; plywood and green paint on a van does not make it a tank.

All vehicles will be as they actually are and may not purport to be something else. If you drive a pickup truck, regardless of what color you paint it, it will not be an armored vehicle unless it actually is armored.

Armored or uparmored versions of vehicles must carry actual plate of some sort to get the effect of the armor. Armor is only effective over the covered area; open top vehicles, opened hatches and vision ports will be unarmored areas, just like they would be in reality.

At Least Four Wheels and a Seat

At this time, no quad bikes, ATVs or motorcycles may be used. This is due to the higher risk of injury when using such vehicles; we do not have a driver certification program, so cannot guarantee you are a good driver, or have a method of assuring who is driving any vehicle. 

Off road only utility vehicles with seats, like the Gator, are generally permitted. 

Bringing Your Own Vehicle

If you want to use your vehicle for a CWG event, first please contact us to discuss. We want to make sure it meets all requirements, and is integrated into the event plan, before you spend the time and effort to bring it down. 

Also keep in mind that items used in the field are not quite yours personally. The vehicles will be assets to be used by your side. This does not mean we will force you to let others drive, but that you will be tasked as needed for the event, so must carry out missions, and accept cargo or troops to be carried. It is not just a free for all, four-wheeling event. 

Your vehicle may be critical to some operations. If you are killed, busy, or simply tired, it would be good if it could be used anyway. Consider training others such as friends you come with in how it works, so you can permit them to use it as well. 

Your vehicle may be shot by BBs, foam rockets, or other inert projectiles such as chalk TAG rounds. While everybody works to keep the potential damage low, things do happen. Dents to body panels, and radiators are common. We can advise on methods to protect the most delicate items, but minor damage is likely to occur, 

Likewise, the terrain at many CWG events is rough so the vehicle needs to be able to handle that. It should not get stuck, or break due to driving over rocks. Often, branches intrude upon trails, so will scratch the sides of the vehicles a well. 

If your vehicle has limits over what terrain it can safely cover, be sure to discuss that with us, and your chain of command, so it can be assigned for only missions it can perform successfully. 

You will need to apply the magnets provided by CWG to allow identification of your vehicle. They must stay on the entire time, and cannot be removed to pretend to be an enemy vehicle or to remove yourself from the action. 

CWG will provide on field refuel. There is no need for you to bring many fuel cans, or drive into town to refuel. We will determine your vehicle's needs when you discuss with us.

Be prepared in the event your vehicle manages to break down enough it cannot be driven home. If you drive the vehicle to the event, have contingency plans for friends to take you home, for example. The event field can store vehicles for a long time, so it's permitted—and safe—to leave it for later repair or recovery on the field. 

Marking Vehicles

Just like all military equipment, our vehicles are clearly marked to indicate their nationality and unit. We provide temporary markings you can apply and remove easily. 

The main markings will be national insignia. These generally go on the doors on each side. vehicles without doors can make other arrangements, such as the hood or a side panel next to the door. 

If you vehicle is not an obviously military vehicle, it may be badged as a Frontier Police vehicle. This is not always the case but is a likely one depending on the mission and event. 

Solid color vehicles are strongly preferred, and the magnets are all currently set up for white vehicles. Ideally, other marks such as 4x4 stickers are removed or obscured. 

For these types of vehicles you may also have full color national flags, whether or not also marked as Frontier Police.

Finally as seen in the above we have vehicle numbers as well as magnets. These provide a unique vehicle ID, but can also be used to cover up other insignia or badges, in case you vehicle has something specifically not applicable to the event, such as other unit markings, or flags.

We also have some blank magnet panels if you have even more markings to cover.  

Your vehicle should have all normal safety equipment, such as a fire extinguisher, and some tools to help extract from being stuck. To indicate hits, you also must have a red flag, and a can to hold smoke grenades. 

CWG will supply the black and white smoke grenades, as well as a vehicle kill booklet indicating when to use them. 

The can is to ensure that the smoke grenade does not cause a fire on the ground nor damage the vehicles. It may be secured to your vehicle, or can be removable (such as by magnet) but it will need to be able to attach to your vehicle when deploying the smoke.

If you have any other questions on vehicle use at CWG events, please don't hesitate to contact us. 

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