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Sunday, March 27, 2016

Getting to D-Day and Camping Out

Swift Fox 16 will be held at D-Day Adventure Park, near Wyandotte, Oklahoma. An address suitable for mapping and car nav systems is:
D-Day Adventure Park
66800 E 175 Rd
Wyandotte, OK 74370

But Google, and most mapping systems, tend to take you slightly twisty and dumb ways. Sometimes, across things like low crossings that flood a lot. So instead, here's the suggested route from Kansas City as an example of the last bits, at least.

In maps, here's where the park is relative to the local highways. The best Kansas City route comes down OK-137, through the State Park:

Once you get to that area, the easiest way to get to the field is to turn south off US-60 onto OK-10. Take the first left (it's a little ways down there) onto E 160 Road. Turn right across a bridge briefly onto N 670 Road, then left onto E 166 Road, till it dead ends. Turn right (onto Cayuga Road) and look for the large sign indicating D-Day Adventure Park to the right.

Once on site, we'll be checking in by army. Check the map, follow the signs, and don't go to the other army's campsite or parking lot.

Try to park in neat rows, and look carefully at where you have parked. Make sure you aren't blocking others in, or restricting access to buildings, equipment or for other vehicles such as tractors or trucks. Do not block roadways. There are large parking areas available if you have an oversized vehicle or need to unload a trailer. Look around, or ask. 

You are free to camp overnight Thursday, but try to keep it quiet. Many people will be resting from long drives, and we all need to get up real early to get ready.

No campfires, except in existing fire rings (there are a few) and be sure to put them out fully before you go to sleep. Take your tents down in the morning, and stow them and any other equipment you are not bringing in your vehicles. Pick up all your trash, and place it in dumpsters or stow it in your vehicles for after the event also.

There are many buildings, vehicles and other equipment on site. Don't mess with any of it unless we tell you specifically that you may use one of them. Also, do not explore outside this area, and especially do not go wandering off onto the field.

You can download all the above maps for easier printing if you wish to bring them with you.

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