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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

The Splints are Here!

Especially if you are one who has been assigned to be a Combat Medic at Swift Fox 16, you might wonder how serious we are about the medic kit, and what the supplies will be like.

Well the answer is: Moderately serious, and here's some of them.

That's a case of rolled aluminum splints. Knockoff SAM® splints. When you open a Casualty Card, and it says to splint, you will pull one of these, and some elastic bandages (on the way) and cravats out of your medic pack, and use them to secure joints and limbs. 

We cannot really simulate bleeding injuries, or penetrating torso injuries with chest seals and airways, without risking actually injuring you guys, so we've gone for an emphasis on mobility, effectiveness and structural injuries. 

And we make you treat those injuries with realistic equipment, such as actual aluminum splints. 

You will only be issued so many supplies like this. Managing their use (triage), and going and getting the used ones back from the CCP to put them back in service (logistics), is a key part of being a Combat Medic at a CWG event. 

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