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Friday, October 30, 2015

Helmet Rules Tweak

As we launch, there are minor bugs, typos and conflicts. We're fixing most of them secretly as they are small, but if you already read the equipment list in detail, you might care about this slight relaxation in helmet rules.


  • Helmets may be worn but are not required. The helmet will provide protection; sometimes the medic card accounts for armor and you may have a more minor injury, or escape injury altogether. Since even a non-life-threatening impact from a rifle or fragment to the head is shocking, you will still call a hit, lay down and follow the medic rules.
  • Any military issue ballistic helmet, or one that appears to be a military issue ballistic-rated helmet may be worn. If you have a non-ballistic bump helmet with vents, you must have a cover to hide the vents. A visibly vented helmet is not ballistic and does not count as armor in the game.
  • Note that knockoffs and replicas are generally very poorly made, so will not support night vision, and will not be comfortable for several days of wear. It is even possible to break them simply falling down or bumping into large branches. Actual issue helmets or quality training/bump helmets are highly suggested if you choose to wear a helmet.

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